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Water park owners and management are continually seeking new ways to maintain, improve and upgrade the curb appeal of water park attractions. SlideRenu® has developed a proprietary water slide maintenance system, chlorine resistant coatings and innovative landing pads that protect your guests, maintain the LIKE NEW appearance of your water park and extend the useful life your water park attractions.


Our proprietary line of Slip-N-Shine™ water slide maintenance products will keep your water park looking LIKE NEW!

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Our services include inspections, fiberglass repairs, resurfacing, painting and a myriad of maintenance programs to help you operate safely and efficiently.

Common Water
Slide Problems

See how SlideRenu® Products and Services can solve your water park problems.


Our Certified Applicators have extensive experience, industry certifications, adequate insurance coverage and knowledge to handle all water slides, aquatic play features maintenance and repair issues.

We Stand Behind Our Products

All SlideRenu® products are backed by the most comprehensive product warranty in the industry. If you are not completely satisfied, we will send you a full refund or replacement product! For further details, please refer to the Limited Product Warranty.

Scale Removers and Cleaners

  • Calcitrol®
  • SlideDetergent™
  • SlideSoap™
  • SlidePrep™

Compounds, Waxes and Protectants

  • SlideCompound™
  • SlideWax™
  • SlideGloss™
  • SlideArmor™
  • AquaSeal™

Chlorine Resistant Coatings

  • Clear ChloraShield™ Gelcoat Sealer
  • Chlorine Resistant ColorShield™ Gelcoat
  • Adhesion Base Coat Primer™ for Fiberglass and Metal

Joint and Fiberglass Repair

  • SlideCaulk™
  • SlidePutty™

Stair Tread and Tower Maintenance

  • StairBrite™
  • StairTape™
  • Platform Flooring
  • Anti-Slip Coatings

Application Tools

  • Wool Compounding Pad
  • Foam Finishing Pad
  • 7” Variable Speed Electric Polisher

Residential Kits

  • Resurfacing Kits for Fiberglass and Concrete Water Slides
  • Restoration Kits for Fiberglass Water Slides

Life Floor Products

  • Replacement Tiles
  • Transition Pieces
  • Depth Markers
  • Deck Platform Anti-Slip Flooring
  • Maintenance Cleaning Kit

Aquatic Landing Pads

  • SlidePad®
  • EdgePad™
  • Custom Pads


Meets ASTM standards CFH 7 FT

We Stand Behind Our Services

All SlideRenu® services are guaranteed for one year when performed by our certified applicators. We will return to your water park and correct any failure at no cost to you! For further details, please refer to the Limited Product Warranty.

Water Slides

Ride Path Resurfacing
Exterior Painting
Polishing and Waxing
Fiberglass Repairs
Annual Maintenance Programs



Water Slide Towers

Repainting / Rustproofing
Stair Tread Maintenance Programs
Installing Life Floor Stair Tread Covers


Aquatic Play Units

Fiberglass Repairs
Hardware / Parts Replacement
Annual Maintenance Programs
Life Floor Stair Tread and Deck Flooring Installation


Splash Park Features

Repainting / Rustproofing
Fiberglass Repairs
Hardware / Parts Replacement
Refurbishing Soft Play Attractions
Annual Cleaning Programs


Aquatic Landing Pads and Play Surfaces

Fabricating Water Slide Landing Pads, Protective Corner Edge Pads and Custom Made Pads
Installing Life Floor Deck Tiles, Depth Markers, and Transition Pieces


Residential Products

Resurfacing Kits for Fiberglass and Concrete Water Slides
Restoration Kits for Fiberglass Water Slides


Featured Products This Season


Cut your waxing time and costs by 50%!


Now features Life Floor landing surface!

AquaShield Products and Life Floor, the #1 aquatic surface flooring in the industry, have worked together to improve the safety aspects and softness of the landing experience. Life Floor’s proprietary Ripple texture landing surface provides a slip resistant surface that is ASTM 1292-18E1 84 rated and meets critical fall height requirements up to 7 feet. We provide a 2-year warranty against wear, tear, fading and “pad floating” from pool floors.