Landing Pads

Meets ASTM standards CFH 7 FT

Water Slide Landing Pads Are More Than Just Aesthetic Features

They play an important role in water park safety by reducing and preventing abrasions and impact injuries. An important consideration in choosing a landing pad is not only a pad’s ability to resist becoming a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, but also to be safely mounted without the use of metal bolts or screws that will rust or cause injury. Nylon surface anchors, commonly referred to as bantam plugs, can crack from repeated impact, resulting in the pad loosening, shifting and potentially becoming a safety hazard.

Safer Softer Landings Above and Below the Water Line

Meets ASTM standards CFH 7 FT

SlidePad® and EdgePad™ were designed to replace old, unsafe landing surfaces.

SlidePad® has enhanced the safety aspects and softness of the landing surface by featuring beveled edges and a top landing surface from Life Floor, the #1 aquatic flooring in the industry. Life Floor’s proprietary Ripple texture landing surface provides a slip-resistant surface that is ASTM 1292-18E1 84 rated and meets critical fall height requirements up to 7 feet. EdgePad™ are the only aquatic pads that feature certified safety landing surfaces.

No Drilled Holes or Bolts in the Pool Floor

Drilling holes and installing bolts in the pool floor increases the probability of water leaks, surface cracks and creates a safety hazard. SlidePad® has eliminated the need to drill holes or install either landing surface with bolts! Both SlidePad® and EdgePad™ can be glued to any type of pool floor or decking surface and is guaranteed not float or shift after installation. Our landing pads are not only chlorine resistant, but also resistant to UV exposure, impervious to water and are fungistatic and hygienic.

Standard Sizes are in stock, ships in 24 hours!


SlidePad® was designed to replace old, unsafe landing pads.

  • Install at the end of slides, pool floors or any area requiring a slip-resistant safe landing.
  • ASTM 1292-18E1 84 rated and meets critical fall height requirements up to 7 feet
  • Guaranteed not to float!
  • Soft beveled edges and borders reduce trip hazards.
  • Standard Sizes are in stock, ships in 24 hours!
  • Custom sizes available!


EdgePad™ is designed to protect guests from accidental falls occurring on pool edges, play areas, obstructions and pool side walls.

Our standard 2″ thick SlidePads® (color: Bluebird, Ripple texture) are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Standard sizes include: 3’x4’, 3’x5’, 4’x6’, 4’x8’.

SlidePad® and EdgePad™ are also available in custom sizes and fabricated to customers’ specifications.

Traditional Landing Pads vs. SlidePad®
There is no Comparison!

Commonly used landing pads are constructed of several layers of laminated foam glued together on top of a thin PVC base. The entire pad is then wrapped in a layer of vinyl pool liner material. Repeated impact results in a breakdown in the foam’s density, causing the vinyl to peel away at the edges and cracks to form.

Benefits of SlideRenu® Landing Pads

Durable Construction

No moving parts! SlidePad® products are single units comprised of fade, resistant EVA/XLPE closed cell foam technology. The safety aspects and softness of our pads feature top landing surfaces from Life Floor, the #1 aquatic surface flooring in the industry. SlidePad® will not disintegrate, deteriorate, crack, fade and will not shift or move after being bonded to the surface.


Use at the end of slides, pool bottom and any area that requires a slip-resistant, soft, safe landing. Use below the water’s surface, indoors or outdoors. Comes with a DIY installation kit that includes adhesive, trowel and sealant.


Unlike competitor’s products, SlidePad® does NOT require external fasteners, screws or anchor bolts that compromise the safety of your guests. The Life Floor landing surface is easily cleaned and maintained and does not support microbial growth such as mold and mildew.

Low Maintenance

Airtight construction means that no maintenance is required! SlidePad® products are not only resilient to impact but chlorine resistant, UV-resistant, hygienic, fungistatic, algae resistant and slip-resistant despite repeated use.

Easy Installation

Quick and easy installation! No bolts, screws or fasteners. Drilling into your pool’s floor to install anchor mounts isn’t necessary. SlidePad® adheres to any prepared surface using SlidePad® Adhesive™. SlidePad® will not detach and float to the surface and can be installed by your staff or one of our certified technicians. DIY removal requires no special tools.

Ships in 24 Hours

Our standard-size landing pads are in stock and ship in 24 hours. SlidePad® and EdgePad™ products can be constructed to your specific length, width, thickness, and shape. Call 614-948-2554 for a quote.

Slip-resistant Surface

Life Floor’s proprietary Ripple landing surface provides a slip resistant surface that is ASTM 1292-18E1 84 rated and meets critical fall height requirements


The Life Floor landing surface and closed cell cushion foam are impervious to water and is hygienic, fungistatic and algae resistant.

Limited Warranty

2 YEAR limited warranty against surface cracking, fading*, disintegration, foam compression and loss of slip resistant properties. (*Chemical fading based on chemicals outside of ideal range.)

SlidePad® and EdgePad™ may be Customized Specifically for your Waterpark

EdgePad™ is customized to fit a variety of pool edge configurations and pricing varies. Download and fill out our EdgePad™ schematic/chart with the measurements of your pool edge and configuration desired and call our sales department at 614-948-2554 to discuss pricing for your custom pieces.

How Do We Compare

Will Not Discolor Or Mold

AquaticPads™ products retain color and non-slip properties and are hygienic, fungi-static and algae resistant.

No Cracking, Peeling or Edge Wear

AquaticPads™ products are not constructed with pool lining that cracks and peel with repeated use. SlidePad® will NOT crack, peel or wear away.

No Metal Fasteners

AquaticPads™ products are installed without unsafe external fasteners that loosen and rust.

Withstands Impact

Our EdgePad™ products are resilient to repeated impact and retain their slip resistant texture. Edgepad™ is available in a variety of pool configurations.

Will Not Disintegrate

AquaticPads™ products are warranted against cracking, peeling and loss of foam compression.


AquaticPads™ products are a single unit. No moving pieces or parts that will crack with repeated impact.

Foam One Piece of High Density Compression Deflection Foam 3 Layers of Foam Glued Together
Thickness 1/2" to 6" 1" to 4"
Common Failures None, No Moving Parts Vinyl Cracks, Bolts Loosen and Rust, Foam Loses Resilience
Sizes In stock, 4 standard sizes
Unlimited custom sizes
Standard Delivery Time Standard sizes available for immmediate shipment 1 to 4 weeks
Slip Resistance Life Floor Ripple texture
slip-resistant surface
Textured Vinyl
Landing Surface ASTM 1292-18E1 84 rated Vinyl Pool Liner
Installation Method Adhesive, no special tools hardware required Metal bolts or screws attached to anchors drilled and mounted into pool floor

The Most Common Landing Surface Failures

Traditional landing pads haven’t kept pace with the ever-changing demands brought about by salt, bromine and super chlorination water chemistries. Additionally, today’s interactive water features require safer and softer protective corners and landing surfaces.

“Old Technology” landing pads are made of laminated foam wrapped in a layer of vinyl pool liner material. Repeated impact causes a breakdown in foam density, causing the vinyl pool liner to peel away, exposing the foam core. The compromised surface results in water intrusion and causes the pad to shift and float.

  • Fading, discoloration
  • Disintegration
  • Rusting and missing bolts/fasteners
  • Stress cracking in a PVC base from repeated impact
  • Corner cracking that causes scrapes and water to enter into the pad